Customisable German "Classic" stickers

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GXS Customisable German stickersGXS Customisable German stickers

Each pack of customisable German stickers contains 12 identical sheets each containing 35 stickers. (Total: 420 stickers). The stickers are 25 mm in diameter. There are 7 different designs.

All stickers have the same caption of your choice which may contain up to 20 characters, including spaces. The caption is in dark blue and runs around the bottom of the stickers, as shown in the image across.

Price: 12.25 [13.84] (Including VAT at 20%)

Add your caption here (max: 20 characters, incl. spaces)


GXSa Extra sheets of customisable German stickersGXSa Extra sheets of customisable German stickers

If you would like to buy extra sheets of the German customisable stickers you can do so here. The sheets, identical to the ones in the main order, above, come in sets of 4. (Total: 140 stickers).

This item can only be ordered as an extra in conjunction with the item above.

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Price: 4.00 [4.52] (Including VAT at 20%)


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