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QCA KS2 flash cards/picture cards

Comprising a total of 155 cards these 2 sets of colourful picture cards cover the vocabularly involved in the first 12 units of the new key stage 2 scheme of work. (There is a link to the website describing the scheme on each of the product sections).

They are available either as French flashcards (with French captions, as seen across) or multi-use picture cards (without any captions).

The French flash cards measure 155mm * 110 mm and the picture cards 110 * 110 mm. The cards are printed on card and make an essential compagnon to the scheme.

Loto French flashcards

This set of 48 cards uses the same images as those used in the Loto series of books produced by Brilliant Publications (though now in colour and excluding the Christmas theme).

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